Lebensstil Kollektion Air Fryer


• Easy cleaning
• Easy Storage – Compact size , smaller than A4 size but biggest inside
• Cable Length : 1040 (mm)
• Basket Capacity : 2700 (ml)
• Timer : 0 – 60mins
• Heating Level : 80℃-200℃”
• Rapid heating
• 80% Less oil
• Silent when operation
• Food : French fries , Steak , Shrimp , Cake , Chicken Leg , Meat , Fish etc.

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Easy cleaning
Compact size for easy storage (smaller than A4 size)
Temperature knob for setting temperature
Timer knob for setting time
Green heating indicator for indicating the heating element is operating
Red power indicator for indicating the appliance is operating
Air outlet for discharging oily smoke or water vapor in the pot
Power cord plug for supplying power
Grid for holding ingredients (installed in the fryer)
Basket for holding food and oil
Handle for grasping the basket
Uses less 80% oil
Can cook various types of food: French fries, steak, shrimp, cake, chicken leg, meat, fish, etc.

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Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 215.0 × 270.0 × 267.0 cm


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